How much do I get back when taking advantage of the 30 day return policy?

That highly depends. According to your agreed Terms of Service(TOS) we don't offer full refunds for any reason whatsoever. We do however offer very generous partial refunds. This is all calculated based on the TOS. The reason for this is because frankly a lot of people in this world are very dishonest. We've had many people buy from us, ask for a refund on day 29, then buy from us 3 min later. It happened for so long and so often that the only way we saw to deter it was that during your first 30 days you simply pay for the service you use and we refund the remainder. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about the refund system.

I have been a customer for an hour, but found out my friend has his own server already. Can't you make an exception this one time and give me a full refund? - No, Sadly we can't. This has nothing to do with corporate greed or making sure we don't take a loss. It is simply due to the fact that as soon as we make an exception for one person then that sets a nasty precedent for all other customers even the dishonest ones. If you want to have your refund be as large as possible just be very nice to the support agents helping you :) Essentially just like most places you buy from they have some power to fib the numbers in your favor. They by no means can give you a full refund but small things they can remove.

I bought 2 separate servers but now I only want one. If I can't get a refund on one of them I'll destroy you - Whoa there cowboy. First off, threatening any human being is not the way to live your life, and secondly We can help you out on this. We can't give you a full refund for any reason but we could give you the amount sans time used and put it back onto your account as a credit for your next billing cycle. This allows you to keep pretty much the entire amount and you get your next bill pretty much paid for :)

Why would getting help from support be listed in one of the things deducted from my payment? - This boils down to some customers that buy our inexpensive servers just so they can talk to some of our experts since they fully plan on leaving anyways. Even in some cases our past customers thought they were being very sneaky when we knew they already worked for another hosting company, wanted to setup their own server system, or planned to leave and wanted to ask us 100's of questions. Why, because they couldn't figure out how we kept our service standards so much higher than theirs or acheive what we acheive. A lot of times we found that a lot of customers ask for refunds would pay only a few dollars for their server and would take up literally dozens of hours in support time. We need to feed our families and each of us here have a college level education so you aren't talking to some minimum wage earner. That is why we put the minimal penalty for each ticket or live chat.

Hey, I asked for this refund 15 days ago. Why are you calculating the time used as 25 days? - As is stated in the TOS time used is based on how long your server is active in our system. If you request a refund. We will ask for confirmation, the steps involved and if you don't confirm for 15 days then you will have those 15 days calculated as well. Our response times in tickets are usually less than an hour so don't forget to respond to us so we can get it finialized in a timely manner.

I mentioned maybe wanting a refund in a technical support ticket. Why wasn't I refunded? - The only way to request a refund is to open a ticket in our 24 hour billing department there is no other way.

What is the nonsense about no longer qualifying for a refund? I'm still within my 30 days - Yes, some people that wait until day 29 and only paid for 30 days wont get any refund at all. This is because you used 96% of the funds on your server already. Others opened 20 different tickets and live chats for a $2 server. Remember that our prices are so low and service so high is only due to the fact that we are almost selling these servers at cost. We make almost nothing from your purchase so if you paid $5 for your server at day 29 it has already cost us $5 just to run your server. If you talked with any support agents that cost us even more. We always take a loss on every refund even if it has only been 5 min of service, but for those that try to leave it to the last second because they want more time out of what they think will be free is just dishonest. If you used equal to or more than the amount paid for the server than you will no longer qualify for any amount back.

I've been told that the people handling billing have the power to remove some items. It doesn't seem like I wasn't given any breaks, why!? - Just like with your phone bill, your groceries and most other things you buy the customer service agents that help you can usually waive fees, lower prices, give discounts and help you out. Just like at those other companies it is completely up to the customer service agent to do or not do this. Chronically most of our agents will bend over backwards to help you. In all honesty if they followed the TOS to the letter of the law there probably was a good reason. Maybe you threatened us with legal actions and we have to follow everything to the letter. Maybe you were one of those customers that was so incredibly rude that they made one of the girls in the office cry (it happens more often than you think). In all honesty try to walk a mile in their shoes. What if you were at a job and you did everything you possibly could to help a person, you were friendly, fast to reply, and tried to take care of their needs as best you could. This person, however seemed like the biggest jerk on the planet. They were rude, were getting very angry at you, threatened and just treated you like trash. Would you continue to make special exceptions for them when you didn't need to? Of course not. We aren't saying YOU are this person, just understand there may be many reasons they they chose not to or just couldn't give you slack.
A good philosophy to keep in mind when dealing with customer service at any company is that you are dealing with another human being. If you are polite, friendly even when you are a bit stressed they will most likely bend over backwards to help you out.

If you don't give me a full refund I will [Insert generic threat of violence or destruction here] - Some people want a refund because they are angry at something they can't get. We once had one customer that wanted to inject malicous code that would harm our servers and started threatening us when we said no, lol. You agreed to your TOS before you ever paid a single cent. You also had this knowledgebase article, documentation and many different pages and opportunities to inquire about our return policy BEFORE purchasing. No matter what you threaten us with you won't get your way. Threatening another group or individual to get your way is deplorable. if anything just like most other companies or groups it will just make it harder on yourself by threatening us. Some people think that "If I complain loud enough and hard enough I'll get my way"; "Hitting them where they pay attention, their pockets" or "destroy their company name" are things that work as well. They just don't. The people that get what they want do it by being polite, mature adults. If you have resorted to threats forget about getting your way it will never happen at that point no matter what you do.

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