Ways to get a FREE server

Are You Looking For A Truly Free Server?

Are You Looking For A Truly Free Server?

As any educated person would know there is no such thing as "Free" and online if it is "Free" you are not the customer you are the product. For example, Facebook makes its money by selling all your personal details and habits to advertisers. There is no exception to this rule. Since we never sell your information and there is no way to monetize a server without ads which pretty much everyone hates. We have no choice but to place some restrictions on these offers since we literally are paying your bill for you. And this will cost us money. So, Continue reading below to see the different ways you can get your server without paying any money.

Most Webhosting Plans Include A Free Voice Server.

Most Webhosting Plans Include A Free Voice Server.

Most webhosting plans actually include a free TeamSpeak 3 or Mumble server. Both of these free options never expire and have all the same benifits of the paid versions as long as you have a webhosting plan with us. If you want a larger size than what is provided for free it is possible at a significantly lower price than even our lowest plans on our site.

Additionally, every paid webhosting plan includes the No-Port service free of charge. This means that if you are using TeamSpeak 3 you can connect directly with your domain such as test.com or ts.test.com instead of vs1.tserverhq.com:1234

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A Free Yearly Webhosting Plan.

A Free Yearly Webhosting Plan.

That's right we offer a fully functional webhosting plan that lasts 12 months. Right now this plan will automatically renew every year with the same options at the same price meaning if you had the free hosting it will remain free, every year.

Again, please keep in mind that it costs us money. We know that other providers offer free webhosting with ads or other gimmicks and we would like to avoid that but can only do so if we see that some people are actually converting to paid plans or adding some of the options during checkout. If not it isn't worth it for us and will either need to discontinue it; limit the amount of free servers like we do with the voice servers; or implement something to monetize the costs. If you want to you can compare our webhosting plans to the free one.

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Have Us Sponsor You Or Your Group

Have Us Sponsor You Or Your Group

Do you have the ability to advertise or reach Hundreds of unique and new people every week? People with Youtube channels Twitch streams and other ways of reaching a large crowd can get a server for free even if you aren't very big. While larger groups that we sponsor actually get paid; if you are smaller then hope is not lost. Smaller sponsorships will receive commissions for every customer that purchases from us on top of a free server of your choice. This free server will not expire as long as you are actively advertising for us and can be quite a large server if your online presence is big enough.

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Refer Your Friends And Collegeus To Us

Refer Your Friends And Collegeus To Us

If you purchase a server or service from us, just activate your affiliate link. It is a special link that if people visit you get a commission when they purchase. These commissions alone can cover the cost of your inexpensive server and sometimes even put some extra cash in your pocket.

People that put our banners on their active moderate-high traffic blog or website will also get a free voice or web server that doesn't expire as long as your website/blog remains active and popular. Simply contact support with your website's URL and we will provide the servers.

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Get One Of Our Limited Supply Free Voice Servers

Get One Of Our Limited Supply Free Voice Servers

We are providing a limited number of free servers to users where you don't need to promote us or do anything else for us. No more than 100 servers for TeamSpeak 3 and no more than 200 for Mumble.


  • Your Free Mumble server will only last 2 months. After that 2 months you will need to setup another one. If there are any available
  • Your Mumble server will be limited to 15 users. If you need more slots you can upgrade to a paid version.

TeamSpeak 3

  • Your Free TeamSpeak 3 server will only last 30 days. After that 30 days you will need to setup another one. If there are any available
  • Your TeamSpeak 3 server will be limited to 5 users. If you need more slots our free Mumble server offer has more. If you don't want the free mumble server then you can upgrade the ts3 server to a paid one. We can only do 5 with TeamSpeak because the licensing is quite expensive and it adds up fast.

To get these free servers read the rest of the page.

What limitations are there?

What isn't included in these free servers.

  • If you only have free services you will not qualify for any type of support and all tickets / live chats will be ignored to free up lines for paying customers.
  • Uptime will not be guaranteed on any free server.
  • Your bandwidth is lower priority. So there might be occasional lag.
  • No DDoS protection guarantees. Some of the free accounts may be placed on servers that DO NOT have full DDoS protection since those systems and upkeep cost us quite a bit.
  • The DDoS protected servers will have what seems to be higher pings since ICMP packets are heavily inspected. The true latency is lower, you will see this in the high quality of the voice.
  • For TeamSpeak 3, FTP features will be completely disabled
  • We would reserve the right to shutdown, move, or turn off your server at anytime for any reason.
  • Free servers set up with bogus info will be deleted. Make sure you use a working email and real address/info.
  • Free servers may be shut off if you are not using the space we've given you.
  • People that get multiple free services of the same type at the same time for example 2+ free teamspeak 3 servers at the same time will have all revoked and be possibly banned. Don't be greedy.

If you understand all of the above then click on This link to get your free Mumble server or this link and get your free TeamSpeak 3 Server. Why is the link buried right here? Because we want to make sure people have actually read this. We don't want you to be disappointed with the free server and want you to be prepared.

KEEP IN MIND that it costs a lot of money to run TeamSpeak servers since the developers charge quite a bit for its licensing. With server costs, maintenance, and licensing our current prices set at annual billing are at cost meaning we don't make any money on our yearly pricing of TeamSpeak 3. Considering this, even giving 5 user servers is extremely generous. This specific service might not last very long if it doesn't generate some legitimate customers. So please encourage others to visit and try us out.

If at anytime you want to upgrade your free server to a paid one you can do so instantly on our upgrade page. Once you have upgraded you will instantly have all of the benefits of our normal paying customers such as...

  • Real 24/7 Support by qualified professionals
  • Full Enterprise DDoS protection
  • 100% average uptime with a 99.8% uptime SLA
  • Increased resources and bandwidth priority
  • All the other great features of paid customers.
  • TeamSpeak 3 users will get the normal free 600MB of FTP quota with unlimited storage and unlimited speed.
  • And best of all, your settings will be there as long as you are a customer. The products will no longer expire
  • Click here to upgrade your Free server to a Paid server This will save all of your data and keep all settings

View Webhosting With Free Servers.

Click below to see each webhosting plan that has voice servers included in the price. Remember that the no-service is also included free of charge in all paid hosting plans.

Free Webhosting

While our free webhosting plan only lasts 1 year you'll find no dumb gimmicks or frustrating features. Click below to go straight to the order form. Click here if you want to see the features of the hosting plan.

Get Sponsored Now

Don't be hesitant even if your stream is small we can usually sponsor you, this can get you you a free server and a way to earn some cash.

Refer Your Friends

Don't hesitate. In some cases you only need to refer 1 to 2 people to pay for a month of your server. If you refereed even a few people every few months you could have your server paid for all the time.

Grab One Of Our Temporary Free Servers

Want a free server for a very generous amount of time? Click below to read how you can grab one of these no-obligation no gimmick servers.