We offer our clients a unique control panel to work all of their services. In addition to in depth client area control where you can manage your payment products and other items. We offer a dynamic server control panel where you can manage all of your services all in one location.

Multiple servers, single login
Control any amount of servers from the same control panel. You will only have to remember a single user id and password for the control panel and ftp even if your servers are in different locations.
Kick and Ban Power
Have absolute power over your users. It doesn't even matter if they have supreme rights on your server. From your control panel you can still drop the hammer. They can't avoid the power you hold.
Monitor activity
You can view what users are in your server, in what channel/room, what their login time was and in some cases even their connection information.
Secure communication
Communication between your servers is encrypted with 128bit encryption using our custom encryption keys and SSL certificates.
Service monitoring
If your server ever crashes or restarts, the servers come back online automatically.
Server resource usage
Our control panel logs the number of players, processor, and memory usage for each server that you own.
Full function web based file manager
Easily access your server structure. With the ability to edit, create, upload, delete files all via a web browser you have full control of your server. The TserverHQ file manager is not a web based FTP client. Web based FTP clients tend to be slow and buggy. This file manager has been custom built just for our customers, and security has been built right in. Our file manager supports extraction of zip and rar files. We have also included quick links to commonly accessed files. 1 click opens for edit, and one click saves it!
Additional Administrators
Have clans with more than one user? More than one server? Not a problem. With the TserverHQ sub-user accounts, clans can allow different logins and set permission for these sub-accounts. This allows for your administrators the ability to log into the control panel and modify the server. All without giving away your personal information.
Automated setup
Of course we have automated setup. Once your order and payment is finished the panel will automatically email you all the server details! Make sure you have added TserverHQ.com and Goinvictus.com to your email whitelists.
Server reinstall
With the click of a button you can reinstall a server. Great for if you really screw your server configuration up. 1 click and the server is restored to original settings.
Client command line builder
You can build any number of different command lines and store them for easy switching so that you can fully customize your server.

Some features may only be available on select products and not every product that we offer.