Share the burden of payment with your friendsTserverHQ Group Pay

Group Pay grants you the ability to have multiple people contributing payments towards your server. What does this mean? You might have come across that problem when you're in a Group, Guild, or Team of some sort where you all want a voice server, but no one really wants to fork out all the cash to get it. In some cases we also might not exactly trust that the person paying for the server is going to use the cash on the server. Well we have the solution: TserverHQ's Group Pay

How does it work?

You are provided with a unique 1 way hash that you can provide to people to make payments with. When you log into your customer account you can visit the Group Pay area and and you will be provided with a link. You can post this link on a forum in your Voice server greeting message or even game server descriptions. When people click on that link they are directed to us where they can contribute any amount $3 and up towards the costs of your servers.

When someone contributes via group pay the amount they contribute is added as a credit pool on the account to be used on services. The credit is automatically applied before taking from the main payment method; even partial contributions help. If your server bill is $10 and someone contributed $5 then only the remaining $5 would be charged to the default payment method. If people have contributed say $15 then the $10 bill would be completely paid and you'd still have $5 left to be applied to the next invoice. You can even add as much as you would like to the credit balance so that the services are taken care of for long periods of time.

Our system will even automatically add the credit contributed to existing due invoices a few hours after receiving the payment. This means that if the server owner is away, or unable to pay the bills and the server has been suspended for non-payment it's users can get it unsuspended simply by adding enough to the group pay balance to pay the invoice!

Where is my money going?

Some contributors will want to make sure the money they are giving goes to the server they are using. All money paid through the Group Pay system cannot be used for anything but the client's services. They can't put it into their PayPal, they can't withdraw it, they can't buy things from other sites. All they can do is pay for their server with it. Your money is safe because we are the third party. You aren't giving your money to your Group leader you're giving your money straight to the server.


Group Pay only works with PayPal or a credit / debit card (through PayPal). Contributions can be anything from $3.00 USD and all the way up to $3000.00 USD You choose how much to contribute!

If you are the server owner and logged in click here to go to the group pay page
If you are someone looking to contribute to your group's server costs simply get the unique group pay link from the server owner and contribute!