99.8% Uptime SLA

Downtime sucks, you hate it and as hard as it is to believe we hate it even more. Every second the servers are down means lost cash for us and more importantly lost trust from our customers. What is why we have spend so much money on having the best network, best protection, and best monitoring and 24 hour staff that we can have to make sure there is never downtime.

What Is TserverHQ's Uptime?

Our up-time is usually 100% if we ever have to restart the server due to updates or changes then the up-time is generally 999994212962963%. To put that into normal terms about 15 seconds in a month. We only do this work when it is the lowest point of traffic for the week unless it is an emergency; in that case we do the work right away.

What Is An Up-time SLA, And What Does It Mean For Me?

The acronym SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. It means that we legally agree to provide a certain level of service. Something that not all providers offer. So this means that we legally agree to make sure the server is up, connected, and functional at the very least 99.8% percent of the time.

What happens in the rare event that it drops below this guaranteed up time?

We will provide an extremely generous credit to your account. For every hour your server is down after going below 99.8% uptime we give a full days worth of service as a credit to your account. To get this credit all you have to do is let our 24 hour support know by opening a ticket with the exact time that it started and ended for you along with an MTR report showing the issue. If it matches up with our logs we will issue the credit.