With the advancements in technology one of the biggest concerns with individuals purchasing online is

Is this company for real? Is it a scam? Can I trust this site and the information on it?

Well we are proud to display our true colors. Look us up scrutinize our standing. Check references, Google us do what you want we are proud of our track records and proudly say we are a real honest and true company. We have been in business for years and know that every customer is as important as the first. Below you can find the different verification companies that have done their part in background searches and verifications

Verisign - Proving your data is safe, and we are who we say we are.

It is almost a given that you have seen the VeriSign verification seal on another site before. This is because VeriSign is probably the largest of all provider in verifying the identity and legitimacy of a Company. Every single day VeriSign scans are site for malicious code and content to make sure that we remain PCI compliant. This means that it is impossible for us to run our site if there are any security flaws. Your information is safe and secure as it ever could be.

Authorize.net Merchant - All your payments, safe and secure.

Invictus international is an authorized merchant through Authorize.net. Authorize.net is the world's leading credit card processing gateway for Internet transactions. What does this mean? This means that every single time your credit card is processed transaction is sent through a gauntlet of fraud detection details and security measures to make sure that every transaction is safe, secure, and authorized. This is the exact same processing system that many Fortune 500 companies use everyday!

Our Powerful SSL - Double the encryption for double the protection.

Your activity, communications and transactions on our website are also encrypted by an SSL certificate. Having an SSL certificate is the standard for almost any online website that wishes to keep all data that's transferred between you and that site completely private and safe. We use a power SSL certificate on our site; this might not seem like a large benefit but where TserverHQ.com goes above and beyond is that we use double the required encryption. This means that your online data is at least twice a secure as the majority of other SSL connections in the world.