Mumble Server

10 Users
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30 Users
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60 Users
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200 Users
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500 Users
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1000 Users
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2500 Users
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*Based on yearly pricing, and we will match any competitor's price.


only 5.28/mo!

DDoS Protection

Enterprise DDoS Protection

We successfully deflect hundreds of DDoS attacks a day, with no impact on servers. Our DDoS protection is specifically tailored to Mumble servers and includes ALL customers. We don't know of any other competitor that can say the same.
Always Up

Working or Your Money Back!

Our average uptime across all servers is well over 99.9999%, usually 100% uptime every month! If it ever drops below 99.8% uptime we guarantee that we will credit your account an entire days worth of service for each hour it is down. Read exact details here

Mumble Server

TserverHQ's Mumble Servers Far Outperform the Competition.

Mumble is by far the most controversial product on the market as far as stable providers. We receive more "Converts" to our service than any other product we carry, and 100% of the time they are direct complaints about the service quality, or support of one of our competitors. It is one of the reasons why our Mumble service retention is higher than any other service we have. What does this mean in simple terms?

Users just like you try out another provider and suddenly realize that they made the wrong choice. They come to us and are extremely satisfied with the vast improvement in what they usually experience.

Features included in your Mumble Server

Below is a list of the features that are specific to our Mumble Servers. Included in your are all the features we offer for all of our products plus those listed here. If you want to see the features we offer for all products please visit our home page or see them in the menu above.

We support the Mumble Channel Viewer Protocol
Only a handful of Mumble providers actually provide support and are compatible with the Channel viewer protocol. This means that you can use many of the tools that are online to place a viewer on your website that show the current users and channels that are in your server at that moment.
Remote Control of your Server
From our customized control panel you can restart, edit and completely control all aspects of your server's configuration files without ever being logged into the server itself.
No limits on voice quality
Mumble has a maximum voice quality of 133.6 kbit/s. This amount is over 10 times the maximum amount of voice data transfer that Teamspeak 3 or Ventrilo can handle. You have the ability to edit your mumble server's voice quality arbitrarily all the way from the default to the maximum of 133.6 kbit/s! (Keep in mind that 133.6 kbit/s is the maximum that the software can handle PERIOD. Any provider that states they offer anything higher is, sadly lying to you. We suggest avoiding anyone that states they offer anything greater like the plague.)

Get discounts for longer term purchases of Mumble

We already offer the best service on earth, but when you purchase for a longer period of time you get even greater discounts! Purchasing for these longer periods means we have the lowest price for the best service possible.

Purchase for 3 months and get 10% OFF!

Purchase for 6 months and get 20% OFF!

Purchase for 12 months and get 40% OFF!

What is Mumble?

Mumble is the next generation in Voice servers. Mumble is a voice chat application for groups. While it can be used for any kind of activity, it is primarily intended for gaming. It can be compared to programs like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak. People tend to simplify things, so when they talk about Mumble they either talk about "Mumble" the client application or about "Mumble & Murmur" the whole voice chat application suite.

Where does TserverHQ come in?

We run murmur so you don't have to. Just like Teamspeak and Ventrilo servers you need to run dedicated server software to make the whole system work. We run the server software in our high quality datacenters and have it running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Additionally we have our own custom control panel controlling the server so you don't need to mess with Coding, Databases and other factors that most people would not be able to handle.

Our Network Can't Be Beat

North American Locations
North American Locations

While our servers are geographically located across North America and Europe we have peering locations set up all across each continent with direct fiber optic lines to our servers. This makes the distance between you and the server meaningless, and means that no matter where you are located you will have a fast, lag free, and solid connection no matter the distance. If your server is located by New York City and you are connecting from California it will seem like the server is in your home town!