TeamSpeak 2

TeamSpeak 3 servers are available. Purchasing this product will setup TeamSpeak 2 NOT TeamSpeak 3
TeamSpeak 3 really is better in every way. TeamSpeak 3 has better security, quality, controls, and interface. We do not exaggerate when we say that TeamSpeak 3 has over 1000 more features than Teamspeak 2.
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YES! We still offer TeamSpeak 2 Servers.

While TeamSpeak 2 might not be supported or developed by its creators we still offer this great service and continue to maintain a TeamSpeak 2 ATHP license. If you are here you probably already know that TeamSpeak 2 is the predecessor to the more advanced TeamSpeak 3, but are still interested in purchasing the service. We will explain some of the key points that still make TeamSpeak 2 a viable server to use.

What does Teamspeak 2 do that other voice solutions can't?

This is a very valid question and while the list grows smaller and smaller every day we can still safely say that the following pointers are unique to teamspeak 2.

  1. TeamSpeak 2 was designed and runs flawlessly on 56k modems (HAHA, yes yes we know) - It is incredible but even if you are on a 56k modem or some other equivalent speed TeamSpeak 2 will work perfectly without any lag.
  2. Uses an insanely small amount of resources - Our Mohawk product provides low resource usages as well, but still more than TeamSpeak 2 just due to the fact that it offers a lot more features. What is amazing with TeamSpeak 2 is that because it was developed for computers over 10 years ago it uses less power than most background tasks in Windows 7.

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Our Network Can't Be Beat

North American Locations
North American Locations

While our servers are geographically located across North America and Europe we have peering locations set up all across each continent with direct fiber optic lines to our servers. This makes the distance between you and the server meaningless, and means that no matter where you are located you will have a fast, lag free, and solid connection no matter the distance. If your server is located by New York City and you are connecting from California it will seem like the server is in your home town!