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DDoS Protection

Enterprise DDoS Protection

We successfully deflect hundreds of DDoS attacks a day, with no impact on servers. Our DDoS protection is specifically tailored to TeamSpeak 3 servers and includes ALL customers. We don't know of any other competitor that can say the same.
Always Up

Working or Your Money Back!

Our average uptime across all servers is well over 99.9999%, usually 100% uptime every month! If it ever drops below 99.8% uptime we guarantee that we will credit your account an entire days worth of service for each hour it is down. Read exact details here

TeamSpeak 3

The largest TeamSpeak 3 FTP quotas in the world

We include 600 MB of monthly TeamSpeak 3 File Transfer, UNLIMITED storage, and No speed limits. These are all included for FREE!! with every purchase!

TeamSpeak 3 has a built in FTP feature that the developers have discouraged we allow others to use, but this is YOUR server. You get to use all of it. We are the best in the industry. You get the most features, the highest quality, and the best service for the lowest price. We now include more FREE Ftp quota than any other hosting company. With obscene amounts more for minimal cost if you would like.

What is the File Transfer feature? It is an extra service that allows users to share files with each other and if you run out of space your server still works perfectly fine.

Our TeamSpeak 3 Servers are not restricted or limited in any way

No limits

We frequently have clients come to TserverHQ and their greatest concern is that we will limit their servers like other hosting companies. Well guess what. WE DON'T LIMIT ANY FEATURES! You get full SA with full power. There is no shadow administrator. There are no disabled features. So we can safely say that we offer everything that any other hosting provider can offer and more. With most hosting companies if they don't list the feature you don't get it. With us, You have it all. Every feature, every permission, every ability related to your TeamSpeak 3 server. You are the master and commander of your server and we believe that is the only way it should be. (We obviously limit permissions that would affect other customers, take a look at your order page for full details, but everything related to your server is yours to control.)

Your Information is Never Sold or Shared Guaranteed!

Information isn't sharedEvery "Free" Voice solution we have seen pop up has to make their money some place. Some say it is ads others say it is customizations but all of them record your meta-data, chat messages, information, and sometimes even voice recordings and then sells it to governments, ad agencies and anyone else willing to pay for it.

At TserverHQ WE DON'T SELL YOUR INFORMATION! That's right. The only logs and information we keep on your server is your server log that you also see located in the client at Tools > Server Log. We don't sell or give your information to anyone no matter what. When you are on your server your privacy is paramount. What you say, do and write is all private and never sold or shared.

All our included features

Our TeamSpeak 3 servers all come with the general features that we offer for all of our products. You can find these features on our homepage or by hovering over the "Home" button at the top of this page. Each feature has a specific reason and each one sets us apart from your other choices in TeamSpeak 3 providers.

Discounts for longer term purchases

We already offer the best service on earth, but when your purchase for a longer period of time you get even greater discounts!

Purchase for 3 months and get 10% OFF!

Purchase for 6 months and get 20% OFF!

Purchase for 12 months and get 40% OFF!

As you can see purchasing for longer periods of time helps save you cash and helps us keep you online longer.

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Our Network Can't Be Beat

North American Locations
North American Locations

While our servers are geographically located across North America and Europe we have peering locations set up all across each continent with direct fiber optic lines to our servers. This makes the distance between you and the server meaningless, and means that no matter where you are located you will have a fast, lag free, and solid connection no matter the distance. If your server is located by New York City and you are connecting from California it will seem like the server is in your home town!