Free Voice Server

Most paid webhosting plans come with either a free Mumble server or a free TeamSpeak 3 server. Normally you'd have the pay a premium for these voice servers but with our webhosting and resources you get both for free as long as you have webhosting with us. These servers aren't limited in any way and give you full control of the program. It isn't dumbed down, doesn't have any codecs removed it is the full server. On top of having the full server you get:

  • Full Enterprise DDoS proteciton
  • A server size that will never decrease or change even if our offer changes you still get to keep the original size/offer
  • Full priority support for your voice server
  • For Mumble you get full intergration with the Channel Viewer Protocol so you can use third party tools and viewers.
  • For TeamSpeak 3 you our No-Port service included in your webhosting free of charge.

Purchase webhosting today and get your free Voice Server.

The server sizes you get are..

TeamSpeak 3 Server
6 User
12 User
TeamSpeak 3 server
Mumble Server
11 User
60 User
Mumble Server

Our Network Can't Be Beat

North American Locations
North American Locations

While our servers are geographically located across North America and Europe we have peering locations set up all across each continent with direct fiber optic lines to our servers. This makes the distance between you and the server meaningless, and means that no matter where you are located you will have a fast, lag free, and solid connection no matter the distance. If your server is located by New York City and you are connecting from California it will seem like the server is in your home town!