Find any provider that has a lower price than us and we will match or beat it!!!

That's right! Find ANY legitimate provider that has a lower price than us and we will beat it. If they have the same quality services and features we will beat their price. If the provider has been reported by our customers as having a horrible track record, is lacking features, quality or service we will still MATCH their price! Isn't that amazing! Please keep in mind it is very rare for other providers to have DDoS protection specifically designed for each service so be prepared for us to usually only match their price.

Won't you lose money?

Yes! Fact of the matter is there are a lot of costs associated with running a business. Another brutal truth about our industry is that 90% of the providers out there catering to gamers are owned and ran by 12-15 year old children that couldn't care less about your personal problems or the ethics of running an honest business. Even some of the largest voice providers are ran by a couple of teenagers and they have no problem lying to you about it. You can see this by slow support, shady terms, and making it difficult to cancel, none of which we believe in. Our prices are the lowest while not bankrupting us. Honestly we usually only make less than one dollar of profit from your purchase, and if you are buying yearly from us in most cases we are selling your service at cost meaning we make no money at all.

If any "company" has lower prices than ours they can only do it for one of several reasons:

  • They do NOT employ several full time experts to constantly improve and maintain your service.
  • They do NOT have a true 24/7 support staff. It only means they will deal with your problems when they get to them
  • They are hosting their services out of their home or low quality VPS servers instead of having their own dedicated high quality datacenters with DDoS protection like us
  • Their whole operation is being run by 1 person leading to major problems if something goes wrong.
  • They will add additional hidden costs to your service. or prevent you from canceling. If the prices look too good to be true they usually are.

Due to the diversity of the market, low profit margins, and unique exclusives that we provide we cannot price match any webhosting plans.

There are a few rules to our challenge here

  • You must be willing to buy in the same time frame. (If you see a great price but it's only if you buy for a year. Then buy our price for a year.)
  • You must provide an actual website link to that company to show us this price.
  • For voice servers It must be the same size as us ( their 100 user prices can't be compared to our 10 slot prices.)
  • They can't be selling stolen or illegal items on their site.
  • We will not match or beat prices that are due to pricing errors such as outdated currency conversions, and exploited websites.
  • If this is for TeamSpeak 3 then they must be an ATHP listed here: If they aren't listed there then it means they are stealing TeamSpeak servers. And will soon be shut down.

If you manage to find a price lower than ours then click Below to submit a ticket and show us. We will then beat that price and give you a promo code for the same price or cheaper!

Click HERE to show us that cheaper price!

If you are already a customer and you show us a cheaper price we will still honor this policy by crediting your account the difference.