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The new site and the excitement of Teamspeak 3!

We have so many changes it’s hard to list them all! As many of you could tell we have been working on our site for the past month. With the announcement of Teamspeak 3 we decided it was time that we improved on our old site and wanted to bring a new improved and streamlined version of our service.Teamspeak 3 beta is launching in a few hours ... Read More »

18th Dec 2009
Invictus International

Thurston Development Group, LLC has officially changed its name to Invictus International. There are many reasons that we do this but the main reasons are that we are making so many improvements to our service and how we run things is best if we go over some of our turning points. As of last month we now currently have over 2000 clients using ... Read More »

15th Dec 2009