Network Attacks

As you know, we use the same protection that banks and major coporations use to protect our servers. When you have a short issue with your server it usually means that the enterprise level DDoS and attack protection we have built in is having to work a little bit harder since the attack so so massive. Why don't we make entries in the network issues page for this? Well, that is because the DDoS and attack protection will take care of it. That doesn't mean we aren't aware or working on it though. Please read the links below to know what staff are doing during such large attacks.

It is extremely easy to perform network attacks in this day and age. Even DDoS attacks (thousands of computers all attacking at once) can be arranged with a quick search and paying a hacker some cash. It is so easy that all servers including yours gets DoS, DDoS, various other attacks that hit it nearly every day. You will however never see 99% of these attacks since our built in DDoS protection will block it without you noticing. What happens though when you do see an issue, what does that mean? It means that the attack is so large that our protection is working a bit harder. With any of our competitors that are in the same price range if the same attack happened to their servers the server would be down for hours and hours.

You can tell that an attack is happening by one or a combination of several ways.

  1. Small attacks (still large enough that an unprotected server would stop working): You would see no interruption
  2. Medium-large attacks: Lag due to packet loss or larger ping. The higher the ping and packet loss the larger the attack
  3. Very large attacks: Disconnects or large amounts of people dropping from the server.
When you check your server up-time does it still say it was running that whole time you were disconnected? If so then you know it was a network attack. If there was an issue with the server itself the uptime of your server would be the amount of time since the issue and you can expect a network issue entry to made shortly after if it was something that affected multiple clients. How do you find your server uptime? In all services you can see this from your control panel or client in the root channel. 

Below are links to other articles that fully explain our systems that we have protecting your server, and issues that people commonly have when the server is blocking large DDoS and network attacks.

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