How to solve "hacking" problems in your server.

We receive reports once in a blue moon that someone has been hacked This always puts a smile on our face because these users usually dont know what hacking really is. We employ the strongest anti-hacking and attack protection that we have ever seen from any other voice hosting company. We have a security system that is extremely powerful and at the time of this writing has deflected thousands of attack attempts automatically. We are also fully PCI DSS complaint with daily hacking scans to test our servers for vulnerabilities. This means that our servers are super secure.

Usually if something has happened to your server it is because the settings you have employed were very insecure or they guessed your passwords. We give you full control of your server so once a user connects the security at that level is your responsibility.

These suspicious individuals are all about deceit and will NOT be who they say they are. They will pose as: Past customers, Vendor employees, TserverHQ employees, Hackers for hire or Industry regulators. More often than not they usually are competitors that cant match TserverHQs service and quality standards or a child that doesnt get enough attention from his parents.
In most cases they usually are the very people that have attempted to hack/DDoS your server in the past but because of our server security systems they are unable have an effect on them. When they can't have an effect on the servers they are resorting to these annoying tactics. Remember, that when you ask them for information they will provide very official sounding information because they know most people won't follow up on the information they provide. Contact us and we will be more than happy to tell you what really is going on. Below are by far the top 3 most reported situations that users find themselves in:

As you read below keep in mind that we can add these annoying individuals to our super smart and effective security system completely preventing them from making a connection to the server. Just send an email to with the IP, Name of the user, the time they connected, and a brief explanation of what they were doing.

Reported Problem:
Someone connects to the server and states they are an official representative and starts spreading lies or requests administrator power.
The ONLY REASON why an employee of tserverhq or any or administrative user would ever connect to your server is if the owner requested our help directly in support. They also would have the means to give themselves administrative power.
We understand that you cant be on the server 24 hours a day so if someone connects have your users test that administrator. Request that the administrator send a global message to the server stating his identity. It is impossible for posers to do this.

Reported Problem:
Many users are connecting and annoying us even though we ban them.
It is quite easy to change the IP that your computer is using and this sometimes can get around your banning tools. To avoid this just put a password on your server and mark it as private. Then make sure the only users that can bypass that password are trusted ones. At that point it would be impossible for them to connect and harass you without knowing the password.

Reported Problem:
Help! Someone hacked the control panel and is controlling my server!
We have hacking prevention on all services. If someone was able to access your control panel it is because your password is: password123 Never use complete words or other simple things that people can guess. P@ssW0rd158 is much more secure. Also keep in mind that free email accounts such as hotmail and most other programs allow for scripts to continually try to guess your password until it gets it right. If your control panel password is the same as email, Facebook or any other service then once they get into that account they will have access to your control panel. Your password should always be unique and complex.

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