How can I connect without using the port in TeamSpeak 3?

Do you hate connecting to a port? By default, all TeamSpeak servers that don't run on the default port (99.999% of all servers don't run on the default port) will need to type in something like to connect. After purchasing, enable the Customized Server Hostname addon here: We will use customized code that is backed up on geographically diverse servers to redirect your TeamSpeak server directly to your purchased server. This means that you can connect to something like instead of Isn't that amazing?!

How does it work?

Each time your TeamSpeak 3 server connects it tries to see if there is a way to redirect without using the port. This normally uses the additional program known as TSDNS. We however saw a problem with TSDNS. If the server that TSDNS is installed on ever goes down you literally cannot connect to your server! OH NO. This means if someone is using that program they need to have 2 servers protected and you have double the amount of problems. That is the main reason why we refused to use the program for so long. however, is now using an alternate technology that is backed up on multiple geographical locations. That means that if one server goes down you can still connect to your server! That is the level of commitment we have.

This is the process of connection without using the port regardless of the method

You => Redirecting Server => Your TeamSpeak 3 server.

This is the process of connection without using the port regardless of the method
You => Redirecting Server => Your TeamSpeak 3 server

As far as we know all of our competitors use the above method, however we use the method below

The TserverHQ Method for Connecting without a port
You => Redirecting Server in location 1 => Your TeamSpeak 3 server
Redirecting Server in location 2
Redirecting Server in location 3

Now, it is possible to have TSDNS installed directly on the same server that you have your TeamSpeak 3 server setup on but this leads to prolonged connection times as the DNS entries that TeamSpeak is using will continually try for that resolver until the set time that is allocated in the DNS Zone runs out in reality it could take 5-10min between retries of connecting to your server if the TeamSpeak server ever loses connection EVEN IF THE SERVER IS DOWN FOR SECONDS!!!!. This all depends on traffic and the amount of requests it must serve, but nonetheless there is that delay, and just like everyone else we hate delays.

What are the most asked questions about this addon?


  • How much does it does it cost? - $1 each month purchased annually so $12 each year. This covers the cost of the multiple servers used to redirect this and the time it takes to manually add your customized records into the system.
  • If I have the option of using my own domain, why do I need your help? - A few reasons really, we have it setup so that is works in tandom with the servers that you have purchased with us, and our servers are specifically linked to use us as well. Without our help if you used some technology you built to connect without a port you could end up with problems and it would not be an issue we could help with. Also it is unlikely that you have the geographical base to keep the resolver running 100% of the time with said requirements, it would just be dang expensive for you.
  • We are bored of our super awesome customized hostname. Can we get a refund? - No, as clearly stated during purchase of this addon all sales are final. There are no refunds.
  • Why does it take 48 hours for it to be setup? - The system works depending on how fast YOUR ISP clears their cache. Some are lazy and only reset them once every 2 days. We, however will at least get it setup right away and most of the time you will see it working as soon as our developers have finished customizing the code for you.
  • If we move our server location or want the name changed how much does it cost for your to modify it? - A developer must log in and change the entry that is in the DNS resolver therefore any changes to your customized hostname are free once a month.
  • The old hostname still shows up in the control panel! You didn't do your job! - Yes we did. Your control panel will always display the original hostname for your server, but as you will shortly find out your customized hostname will work just fine and exactly like your original hostname.
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