Common Permission Errors

There are common errors you will see in the bot logs showing that you don't have the correct permissions to run the ts3 bot.

TLDR: You can safely ignore these errors. They won't affect the functions of your bot, in fact it proves you have full access to all the bot features.

b_serverinstance_permission_list ---> insufficient permission modify power
b_virtualserver_select ---> insufficient permission modify power
b_serverquery_login ---> insufficient permission modify power

You might find it quite funny that the developer of the bot himself says to ignore these warnings. The reason why? They don't really matter.

Each of those permissions are meant to be used by the super administrator login or "serveradmin login" of teamspeak 3, but you should never use or share your serveradmin login with anything or any tool as that poses very strong risk that you lose control of your teamspeak installation forever. Even if you are hosting your own teamspeak 3 server using your serveradmin login for any tool/bot is not very smart. If your serveradmin password is ever found by someone there is no way to fix your server if they decide to to do something nasty. The only thing that the serveradmin login can do that your logins can't is make new teamspeak 3 servers. Since the bot shouldn't be doing this in the first place making a normal query user from the client (tools > server query login) is the best and safest way to make a query account login.

You might wonder why and what these permissions do

b_serverinstance_permission_list - Lists the permissions of the teamspeak 3 server. This is the one permission that isn't obvious. Why shouldn't your user be able to list the permissions? To quickly answer it is actually a permission that is only for the serveradmin account the permissions to view the permission list is actually there already and just requires a different command.
b_virtualserver_select - This is pretty simple it allows the bot to select different servers obviously something meant for the serveradmin user to select different servers. Since you just have the one there is no use for this.
b_serverquery_login - This modifies the login but there is no need for this either and prevents scripts from locking you out of query. If you need to change the login simply delete the unique ID from the group manager list and make a new bot login.

You might think "I've had bots with other companies and they don't have the same errors." This would be absolutely correct because they don't actually give you the master bot controls. They have a small limited bot that is just part of the main process. With us you actually have control of the main process meaning it is exactly as if you were hosting it yourself and it isn't a watererd down or limited version of the bot like others.

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