The new site and the excitement of Teamspeak 3!

We have so many changes it’s hard to list them all! As many of you could tell we have been working on our site for the past month. With the announcement of Teamspeak 3 we decided it was time that we improved on our old site and wanted to bring a new improved and streamlined version of our service.

Teamspeak 3 beta is launching in a few hours and we wanted to give some pre launch information. TserverHQ was one of the few companies chosen to test and work on Teamspeak 3 for the past while. With our development of the program and our use of it we have seen that Teamspeak 3 has taken leaps and bounds in progress. We see it as surpassing even Ventrilo and Mohawk.

With these new and exciting changes to our company we have added many things that you will be happy about.

Live chat!
We have added a live chat support to our website. This is something that won’t up 24 hours a day but our Ticket support is still open and taking questions every moment of every day.

Upgrade and downgrade slots at anytime!
That’s right from your customer control panel you can upgrade and downgrade your slots any time you want day or night and it happens instantly.

Clan Pay!
That’s right having anyone help you with your server payments. This feature hasn’t been in such high demand as we offer the lowest prices anywhere. Your bills aren’t that high in the first place. But we listen to every customer suggestion and we have decided to offer clan pay.

Mumble Voice servers!
We have had many requests for Mumble and after careful consideration we have decided to provide the hosting of mumble servers. We will beat any other mumble provider’s prices you can count on that.

SHOUTcast streaming servers!
You can broadcast yourself to anyone on the internet while streaming your own music, voice or anything else you want. Become your own radio DJ

We have many other additions such as a completely new Knowledge base and Guides sections. We are also adding features like interactive flash guides, tips and tricks for your service and enhanced features in your control panel.

It’s an exciting time and we are just as excited as you are to play with these new features. Have fun

Пятница, Декабрь 18, 2009

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