New webserver, and feature updates.

It has been a busy few weeks for all of us here at the changes we have made to our web servers are a clear leap in performance. We are how housed in a faster tier1 network location and we now have a new higher encryption on our SSL certificates. In layman's terms: The server is FAST and very very secure. Yes it is very cool, but we would still like to apologize for some of the "Downtime" that our website had. As all of you know your server was not impacted in anyway so therefore most of you probably didn't even notice the hiccup. We would still like to let you know what changes we have in store for the site and you.

~ Affiliate System
We are working on getting the affiliate system up and running. With the advanced nature of the program itself it requires special software and implementation procedures that are not always the easiest to work with. This should be up within the next few weeks so keep in touch.

~ Control Panel Improvements
We have never gotten anything short of extreme praise for our control panel, but just like any good company we are never satisfied with the end product and want to make sure it remains at the top of the market. In the past month you probably noticed that it is integrated with our site completely. This is great, but it still has some hiccups with certain browsers. We will get on top of it right away and make sure everything is worked out. If you have any questions at all let us know.

~ Guide Sections layout
We love to hear your suggestions and we have heard them loud and clear. We are going to change the guide layout to be easier to navigate and browse. Everything will be on one page and you wont have to go to another one just to view one of our training courses. We hope you like these changes.

As we mentioned above we always love to hear your suggestions and hope to hear from you if you feel we need to improve on something. We look forward to our continued relationship and are glad you are part of the TServerHQ family.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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