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Over the past few years we have made literally thousands of updates to our services and servers. Normally we reflect these changes on our site and to our customers but some people have asked us to start listing them in Public format. Here are a few of the biggest changes that have happened in that time.

  • Group Pay will now list all of your contributors so that others know who helped.
  • Group Pay will show your company/group name instead of your real name if you have one selected.
  • All servers are protected by enterprise level DDoS protection now.
  • All servers are protected by multiple layers of security that we lovingly call the SSAI (Server Security Artificial Intelligence) A super smart security system that no other hosting provider utilizes and ensures great up-time and amazing protection.
  • We have a brand new control panel with many many more features.
  • We offer a no-port addon for TeamSpeak 3. This is a really cool feature because it allows you to connect to your server without having to put in the port. This means that you can connect using something like tom.tserverhq.com. The amazing difference between our no-port option from others is that the system is geographically diverse ensuring 100% uptime for the addon. No other provider or service offers this yet we are the same price or cheaper.
  • We increased our default and extended file transfer limits for all customers on TeamSpeak 3 so that we can remain the best hosting provider.
  • Mohawk servers are no longer offered because the developers never worked on it and we felt it didn't live up to our standards.
  • We have completely streamlined our entire client area. You can literally buy, use, control and do everyting you would want even cancel without ever needing to contact support.
  • Past, Current, and New customers that like our facebook page receive periodic promotions, discounts, and sometimes even free service.
Exciting upcoming changes/additions

  • Webhosting (With webhosting your no-port addon for TeamSpeak 3 will be free and you can use your own domain!)
  • Webhosting packages will include free or discounted voice hosting packages.
  • Domain registrations
  • SSL certificates
These are just highlights of the changes made since our last annoucment. We make dozens of improvments every week and heed all of our customers suggetsions. We are on an ever continuing quest to improve ourselves.

Friday, January 24, 2014

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