New Affiliate Options

We will be working to bring our affiliates new and improved additions to the affiliate system. We have many affiliates that are enjoying a free server every month from the people they send us. By popular demand though we are offering any affiliate the added benefit that if they refer any customers to us they will receive a percentage of that sale in cash!

So not only will you get a free server for every 200 unique people you send to our site if any of those people buy our service we will give you a percentage of that sale in cash!

Below is a list of changes, but more may take place:

  1. Adding the function of earning cash
  2. Adding Kick butt flash banners
  3. Adding New image banners
  4. Adding Skyscraper banners
  5. Adding Premade Text links
  6. Adding HTML boxes
  7. Changing Affiliate splash page
  8. Changing Affiliate welcome page
  9. Updating Affiliate FAQ
  10. Adding the Affiliate Tour

This upgrade should be done within 15 days. You can also track the progress of the Affiliate system upgrade through our network issue page here:

Friday, September 25, 2009

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