Building a website using site publisher; website builder; or script installer

There are three types of ways to build an easy website on our hosting, I'll outline them here:

Site Publisher - These are some pre-made websites where you just put in a few pieces of information and you have a site up in less than 30 seconds. Very generic but instant.

Website Builder- This is a tool to start with a basic "Look" of your website and you can customize everything very very easily but it can take some time to make it truly yours. You will be able to make a unique website that is all yours but takes some effort.

Script Installer - At the bottom you have a tool that will install over 300 different apps. Forums, blogs and everything else that you see online. The two most popular by far on the internet is Wordpress and Joomla. Actually the majority of websites on the internet are made with these two things. They both come with some neato templates (pre-made good looking sites) and have backends that are simple to learn but very robust allowing you to have a site without needing to code. The plus side is that since they are so popular there are literally hundreds of thousands of free templates out there that you can use allowing you to essentially have the perfect site without having to know how to code.

Those are the three options. 

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