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How to redirect a URL

The Redirects interface allows you to send all of the visitors of a domain or particular page to a different URL.

For example, if create a page with a long URL, use the Redirects interface to add a redirect from a short URL to the long URL. Visitors can enter the short URL to access the content of the long URL.

To start, login to cPanel. In the search bar, start typing "redirect". Click on the Redirects icon, when it pops up. 


To add a redirect, perform the following actions:

  1. Select a redirect type from the Type menu.
    • Permanent (301) — This option notifies the visitor’s browser to update its records.
    • Temporary (302) — This option does not update the visitor’s bookmarks.
  2. Select a domain name from the menu, or select * *All Public Domains* * to redirect all of the domains that your cPanel account controls.
  3. In the text box to the right of the domain selection menu, enter the rest of the URL from which you wish for the server to redirect visitors. For example, if you wish to redirect http://example.com/directory.file.html to another URL, enter directory/file.html in this text box.
  4. In the redirects to text box, enter the URL to which you wish to redirect users.
  5. Select one of the following options:
    1. Only redirect with www. — This option only redirects visitors who enter the www. prefix before the domain name part of the URL.
    2. Redirect with or without www. — This option redirects all users, regardless of whether the visitor enters the www. prefix before the domain name part of the URL.
    3. Do Not Redirect www. — This option does not redirect users who enter the www. prefix before the the domain name part of the URL.
    4. Select the Wildcard Redirect option if you wish to redirect all files within a directory to the same filename in the new directory.
      • For example, if you enable the Wild Card Redirect option and example1.com redirects to example.com, then a visitor who tries to access the http://example1.com/pic.jpg URL redirects to the http://example.com/pic.jpg URL.
  6. Click Add.
      • To test the redirect, click the link under Directory in the Current Redirects table. If you properly configured the redirect, the system directs you to the original domain.

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