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TeamSpeak 3 failed to resolve hostname

Related Error
Failed to resolve hostname 'xxxxxxxxxxx': Host not found

Generally this means that you have a typo in the hostname that you are connecting with, there is an issue with your server or your ISP is using the wrong information to connect. There also is s a VERY UNLIKELY possibility that the server blocked you. Therefore the below solutions should solve your problem.


Check your information:
Double check the server address you input, with the one you were given. If you are not the original owner of the server ask the person that purchased the server the correct information.

Check to make sure the server is running:
Log into your control panel and see if your server is running. if it takes forever to load, or says "unknown" it is probably a server issue. If it says running then there are no current problems with the server itself.

Check for problems:
Check the network issues page to see if there is an issue with the server. If it is down there will be an issue open and being updated by the system admins continually.

Local Problem, reset DNS:
If you know without a doubt that everything is typed in correctly, and that the server is up you may have the wrong information stored on your computer. Try flushing your dns.

  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator or the equivalent on your computer
  2. type "ipconfig /flushdns" without the ""

This will completely reset the DNS in your computer. Most ISPs in the world hold a cached DNS on their servers as well and the reset can take between a few hours to a week. It all depends.

If your are convinced the server blocked you:
Well this is very bad. TserverHQ has a unique security system that constantly monitors the activity of critical systems and will automatically block users that are performing malicious activities. If the server blocked you then either you were purposefully doing something malicious; a virus on your computer is doing something malicious; or someone on your network is attacking our servers.
Run a FULL virus scan on your computer and secure your network. This will keep it from happening again. If you can't wait for the temporary block to be lifted then please open a ticket in a customer support department and we can manually remove your block.

If you have tried everything else before this then contact our 24 hour Technical Support team:
The person handling your ticket will ask for a few different things. Such as a ping test to the server, your external ip, an MTR report, the client log and possibly a few other things. 

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