How to edit the website in file manager

To edit your website using file manager, log into cPanel and scroll down to the Files catagory.

editing file manager 1

Click on file manager and you will be taken to this screen.

editing file manager 2

To make modifications to the website, you will want to access the public_html file.

editing file manager 3

At the top of the screen are two plus signs next to the words "file" and "folder", in this example, I will add a new file. It will be the same for adding a folder, the only difference is you will be able to add things into the folder, such as the file we are about to make.

editing file manager 4

This window will pop up, in it you will want to put the name of your new file. Make sure to end with .html as it will be modifying your website. In this example, I used newpage.html.

editing file manager 5

Click create new file and you will see your new file in the file and folder organizer.

editing file manager 6

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