What are the differences in my Payment options?

FeaturesCredit/Debit CardPayPal
Third Party No Yes
Integrated into your client area Yes No
Automatic Payments Yes Only with a
Instant upgrade/downgrades Yes 2 Steps
Cancel service in client area Yes 3 Steps to cancel
Bank Transfer available No Yes
E-check payment available No Yes
Smart credit management!™ Yes No
Smart invoice management!™ Yes No
Geo-Location Fraud Detection Yes Partial
Fraud Detection on each transaction Yes Only Email &
Backup payment option coming soon Yes
Refund request processing times instant up to 3 weeks

There are subtle differences in each payment method. We think that some are better than others, but you can make your own decisions on the matter. The first step is to understand that we do not control PayPal. Only you have control over those systems and we are not able to take payments from their system at any time. We have created illustrations in demonstrating this point.

You can notice from each of the below illustrations that when you use your Credit Card with us all your account functions are 100% integrated with our system. When you use another system such as PayPal you will see this process: You hand your money to PayPal; PayPal hands that money to us, and then we provision a server for you. It is the same way with Google Checkout. If you were to use our built in Credit Card feature then it boils down to 1 step. you give us the cash we give you the server. Simple.

This means when you use our built in Credit Card Feature then whenever you make changes to your account such as upgrading or downgrading, purchasing new services or even canceling your services there are no extra steps. We will go over exact differences below.

Credit Card PaymentsPayPal Payments

Credit Cards

In our opinion this is now the best payment feature we have. It is incredibly secure and goes through almost double the protection measures that PayPal or Google Checkout uses. Whenever you upgrade or downgrade your account the changes are instant and you don't need to worry about modifying payment amounts in PayPal or Google Checkout; the system simply handles it all by itself instantly. If you ever need to cancel your service (and we hope you never will) all you would need to do is hit the cancel button. Once that has been done you will not see anymore activity in your account. One the greatest features are the "Smart management" systems we have in place.

Smart invoice management!™ Our invoicing system will dynamically charge your credit card for only the minimum amount of funds needed to pay for the server. This means if your server is 100 slots and you downgraded to 30 slots then your invoice would be calculated to the exact difference and only that amount would be charged. This smart invoicing will also pay your invoice for your every month on time. This allows you to "set it and forget it."

Smart credit management!™ The system will see the credits in the system and will not charge your card until ALL the credits are used. If using PayPal or Google Checkout the payments you send will pay for your server instead of the credits. For example: If one of your service users were to use ClanPay and donate $5. The system would use their donated $5 before charging your credit card.

One Downside to Credit Cards though is that you can't have your bank account linked to the system. If you do not have a credit card then your only option would be to use your bank account. Additionally if your credit card is declined there is no backup funding to try if that fails such as your bank account. We will work to make it possible to add multiple credit cards to the system in the next few months so you can have this backup measure.


Paypal simply sends us payments. When you sign up for your service you create a subscription for your service. This is essentially you telling PayPal to continue sending us payments until you manually tell it to stop. We cannot control this and even if you cancel with us PayPal will never know to stop. On the other hand if you tell PayPal to stop sending payments and you do not cancel with us then your account would automatically be marked as a delinquent account hurting your credit with us.

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