Important ServerAdmin Security Notice

There are a lot of guides out there that will tell you to use their script/bot/service with your serveradmin login details. This is very bad and shows the developers either have functions running that shouldn't be or they have bad security standards. We would take everything that those developers say/do with a grain of salt because their advice can already be thrown out the door.

To properly illustrate how fishy it is take the following analogy. If you were going to pay someone to plant some flowers in your backyard and they told you that they needed to have a master copy of your house key; would you be suspicious? Of course you would! There is no reason why they would need to have the master key to your entire house when they will just be going into your back yard. Asking for serveradmin details is just as serious.

Anytime someone or some thing needs server query details it is really important to just make a query user just for them. You can do this by following these steps.

  • Connect to the TeamSpeak 3 client using a new identity
  • Give that user Server Admin powers or whatever level of powers you'd like.
  • Go to Tools > ServerQuery Login
  • Choose the username for your ServerQuery user then press okay
  • You now have you login details the username and the password to log in.

The username and password we just made has full control of the server that we just made it in. It essentially made a copy of your user identity and gave it all the same permissions. So, to take away that query login's powers you delete that identity from your server. This is the only safe way to use ServerQuery details don't ever give anyone or anything your serveradmin details.

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