How to automatically restart TeamSpeak after rebooting your server.

Warning!!! Please read!

If you have our Fully Managed Support the custom scripts that the our Administrators made for your server will keep it running and automatically reboot it even if it crashes. Much better than this simple method. If you follow this guide it will conflict with what the admins have custom built for you. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS GUIDE if you have our fully managed support.

If you want a custom solution created for you read more here: Fully Managed Supoprt

1. Log into your VPS with an SSH client.

If you don't know how read this guide

2. Install and update requirements.


yum -y install crontabs nano && yum -y update


apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade
apt-get -y install cron nano vim

3. Edit the crontab

Cron is a way to do tasks when something happens like a reboot or on a schedule.

Lets start out by editing your cron file. Depending on what editor and OS you have installed these instructions might differ a bit.

crontab -e

In CentOS this will open a special text editor that is confusing for a lot of users new to Linux. For Ubuntu it will use whatever editor you have installed (lucky). In the interest of this guide we will give instructions on how to do it in Centos and if on Ubuntu (vim).

To start writing press the "i" key on your keyboard. Then copy the following command into the editor by right clicking in your SSH window.

@reboot /home/ts3/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64/ start

You would change the line to reflect any custom path you may have used in installing your ts3. Now, to save you need to press escape and type :wq You should see a message that says "crontab: installing new crontab"

That's it! try rebooting your VPS you'll see that the system will automatically restart the TeamSpeak once it reboots.

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