My order was marked as fraud, help!

The act of Fraud is rampant throughout the voice hosting industry and any other service that caters to gamers. There just seems to be a flexible morality that most people have lost. Due to this we employ multiple layers of security to prevent fraud on our website. During your initial purchase if you  received a message saying that your order had been filtered or held for manual review because of possible fraudulent activity then it is for one of many reasons that we cannot discuss. 
Why can't we discuss them? Well fraudsters place dozens if not hundreds of orders doing everything they can to get past our fraud detection systems. We cannot divulge the conditions, but know that they are passed through the same fraud prevention screenings and databases that large corporations, and governments use to make sure bad people can't use a stolen card.
If you feel that your order has been marked as fraud yet know you are who you say you are simply contact billing support by opening a ticket in the billing department. We will ask you some basic questions that we already know the answers to and if you answer truthfully we can approve your order. If the information you provide doesn't match with what we have on file the only option at that point is to provide a copy of an unmodified Photo ID with todays date and ticket number appearing somewhere in the photo (again it cannot be photoshopped in any way.)
Your first step though is contacting support by clicking here: https://tserverhq.com/clients/submitticket.php

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