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The most important steps using your new TeamSpeak 3 server

Beginning steps to your new TeamSpeak 3 server

The first 3 steps are the most important in using your server. The rest are highly recommended steps in using your server. Remember 24hour support is just a few clicks away if you ever have problems.

1. Become super powerful
First off, make sure you use your privilege key right away. This way you can take ultimate control of your server. Please visit this guide to learn how to use your key: HERE
2. Don't do anything illegal. YOU will be the one paying the bill.
TserverHQ is one of the few providers that allows FTP transfer. Keep in mind, we do NOT allow anything illegal to be kept or transferred on our servers. We suggest immediately banning anyone that uploads anything that is illegal. You are 100% responsible for any data on the server and you don't want the fees, jail time and legal issues that come from distributing protected content. If you know of anyone that is uploading illegal data please let us know by opening a ticket.
3. You are safe, secure, and always online
We are the only TeamSpeak provider that we know of that has an advanced security system protecting your server. Our security system is a lot like GLADOS protecting science. It is VERY advanced and blocked over 150 attack attempts within 2 weeks of its implementation alone. We also guarantee an 99.8% up-time but in the past 4 years our up-time has been 99.99942%. If you ever find that you or one of your users can't connect to your server instead of jumping to conclusions please first check our network issues page. Any problems affecting servers will be listed there.

Additional Tips

Don't give others Server Administrator
We highly suggest not giving others server administrator. You can if you want, but a good alternative would be to duplicate the group, and make the duplicate group a little less powerful but still powerful enough to edit the settings you would like. No matter how much you trust some people they people they trust might not be that smart and could end up locking you out of your own server.
Use advanced permissions
If you feel up to the challenge and think you can handle it then enable advanced permissions. It gives you the full control we always brag about but if you don't use it properly it can really mess things up.
If you run out of money don't give up
There are several options that allow us to not only be the best, but also the least expensive option for TeamSpeak 3 hosting. If you are running low on cash feel free to downgrade your server size this can save you a lot of cash. You can also try using Group Pay and have your users help pay for the server. As a last option before canceling, you can also just tell us in a ticket that you wont be able to pay for your server on time. Let us know and we might be able to prevent your server from being suspended. We aren't mindless drones. You would be talking to real people willing to help.
Get to know your control panel
Take a few min to familiarize yourself with the new control panel. You can control most items so if you take a look around there you could find some extras or features that most providers don't offer.
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