How to assign users to admin status in Mumble

SuperUser guide - Get into your voice server control panel1 - While you are connected to your server you and anyone else can register themselves with the server. Doing so puts a record of their client into the server. Connect to your server using your desired username.

If you have already registered your user with the server or are changing another user besides yourself to admin then please skip to step 3.

Mumble SuperUser guide - Edit your configuration files2 - When you are connected to the server, right click on your username. You will notice that you have the ability to "register" with the server. Click on "Register".

Mumble SuperUser guide - Edit your configuration files3 - While logged in as SuperUser or another admin account right click on your servers "root" channel. You will see the "Edit" button. This will edit the server. Click it.

Mumble SuperUser guide - Edit your configuration files4 - Once in this area you will notice that there are 3 tabbed areas they are

  • Properties, this edits your server
  • Groups, this manages the groups in your server
  • ACL, these are access control lists

Go to the Groups tab and In the top drop-down box select the "admin" group. This is the group that controls the server.

Mumble SuperUser guide - Connect to the server5 - In the bottom left "Members" drop-down box, type your username (the one you used at step 2) and press enter. You can also select from stored users in this list.

You are now done. You have successfully added another user to your admin group.

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