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How do I make an SSH Key?

SSH keys are a much safer alternative to passwords and we suggest you use them instead of passwords. Doing so will increase the security of your server greatly. These steps are for users that use PuTTY the most popular SSH client out there.

1. Download Putty Key Generator

2. Open the the puttygen.exe that it downloads.

The file should download to your normal downloads section.

3. Increase the size of the key.

By default the key size is 1024, we suggest you change this number to 4096

Making an SSH Key 1

4. Generate your key.

Once the program is open You'll see a button labeled "Generate" click on this button and randomly move your mouse over the blank area that is above it. This helps randomize the key so it is truly unique. You can see the area to move your mouse after clicking generate in the below image.

Making an SSH Key 3

5. (Optional but recommended) Enter a passphrase

A passphrase is a small password that is required for someone to use the key. We highly suggest you use a passphrase that way it ads yet another layer of security to the key. You can also change the key comment that way you can remember what the key is for.

Making an SSH Key 4

6. Save your Private Key.

Save the private key that was generated you should NEVER share this file with anyone EVER. If someone else needs to have access make sure they have their own key and NOT YOURS.

7. Install your Public key on the server

Simply copy and paste your entire public key (seen in image below) and install it into the keyfile of your server. You'll know it is the entire key because it will start with ssh-rsa and end with your key comment. If you have our Fully Managed addon simply give the public key to support and they will install it for you.

Saving your SSH public key
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