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Updates updates updates

Over the past few years we have made literally thousands of updates to our services and servers. Normally we reflect these changes on our site and to our customers but some people have asked us to start listing them in Public format. Here are a few of the biggest changes that have happened in that time. Group Pay will now list all of your ... Davamını oxu »

24th Jan 2014
Now offering Mumble

We are proud to announce that we are now offering Mumble / Murmur servers to all of our clients worldwide. This new product is sure to be one of our top sellers and we are very exited for its continued development. Mumble would be the first open source team voip solution on the internet and we are proud to host quality servers for this product. ... Davamını oxu »

19th Dec 2010
New webserver, and feature updates.

It has been a busy few weeks for all of us here at TserverHQ.com the changes we have made to our web servers are a clear leap in performance. We are how housed in a faster tier1 network location and we now have a new higher encryption on our SSL certificates. In layman's terms: The server is FAST and very very secure. Yes it is very cool, but we ... Davamını oxu »

2nd Nov 2010
Mohawk sales & Interactive trainings

Due to the amounto of sales we have gotten with our new Mohawk service we have lowered the monthly price of the service and added a new promotion were you can get your first months serverice free. Honestly we belive that our first sale item was better but we will see how people feel about getting their first month free with Mohawk. We have also ... Davamını oxu »

2nd May 2010
Mohawk Servers

We are proud to announce the launch of our Mohawk voice servers. This new and emerging voice product is a welcome addition to our product lineup and the industry itself. Currently we have a promotion going on that gives our customers the Mohawk service at an incredible price. We have the lowest prices anywhere and we make sure of that. With this ... Davamını oxu »

13th Mar 2010
European database and Teamspeak 3 FTP

We have decided to go above and beyond the majority of other Teamspeak 3 ATHP and offer you FTP space for FREE! You have unlimited amounts of space to upload anything you want. You get 50MB of upload quota for free and have the option of upgrading to higher amounts at anytime. This also enables the full usage of Avatar's and other features that ... Davamını oxu »

24th Jan 2010
The new site and the excitement of Teamspeak 3!

We have so many changes it’s hard to list them all! As many of you could tell we have been working on our site for the past month. With the announcement of Teamspeak 3 we decided it was time that we improved on our old site and wanted to bring a new improved and streamlined version of our service.Teamspeak 3 beta is launching in a few hours ... Davamını oxu »

18th Dec 2009
Invictus International

Thurston Development Group, LLC has officially changed its name to Invictus International. There are many reasons that we do this but the main reasons are that we are making so many improvements to our service and how we run things is best if we go over some of our turning points. As of last month we now currently have over 2000 clients using ... Davamını oxu »

15th Dec 2009
More options when purchasing!

Due to very high demand for custom tuned slots we have expanded our list of products to offer our customers over 20 options in teamspeak packages. We offer slot counts between 10 and 300 slots! All current and future customers now have the option of selecting any of these pre set packages to choose from so they can have instant setup on the exact ... Davamını oxu »

1st Oct 2009
New Affiliate Options

We will be working to bring our affiliates new and improved additions to the affiliate system. We have many affiliates that are enjoying a free server every month from the people they send us. By popular demand though we are offering any affiliate the added benefit that if they refer any customers to us they will receive a percentage of that sale ... Davamını oxu »

25th Sep 2009